Jinge Bao

I obtained my PhD degree from Centre for Quantum Technologies and National University of Singapore. My research interests are combinatorial algorithms, computational complexity, and learning theory. My Ph.D. advisor is Miklos Santha.

I am moving to Paris to work as a CNRS Postdoc Research Fellow at IRIF this fall.

My Erdős number is 3.

Research Interests

  • Algorithms: graph-theoretic algorithms, string problems and combinatorial optimization
  • Computational complexity: query complexity, time complexity and communication complexity
  • Provable machine learning: online learning


  1. On quantum time complexity of divide and conquer [arxiv]
    Joint work with Jonathan Allcock, Aleksandrs Belovs, Troy Lee and Miklos Santha
    Talk at QIP2024 [video]
  2. Constant-depth circuits for Uniformly Controlled Gates and Boolean functions with application to quantum memory circuits [arxiv]
    Joint work with Jonathan Allcock, Jo~ao Doriguello Alessandro Luongo and Miklos Santha
    Talk at QTML2023
    Talk at TQC2024
  3. Fundamental theorem for quantum asset pricing [arxiv]
    Joint work with Patrick Rebentrost
  4. Quantum algorithm for stochastic optimal stopping problems with applications in finance [arxiv]
    Joint work with Jo~ao Doriguello Alessandro Luongo, Patrick Rebentrost and Miklos Santha
    Talk at TQC2022